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Paint Protection Film

Your car is one of your biggest investments and to keep it slick is important! Hexis Paint Protection Film is an invisible layer on your car for a 100% protection from scratches, stains, soot, chips and other contaminating properties. It causes no alterations to the original color or design of the car and maintains lustre. You can have the convenience to add the film for any required part.

In case if you are still wondering how PPF works exactly -

  • The hoods, mirror backs and bumpers are shielded from tar, flying gravel and bug acids.
  • The roof panel and trunks can be safeguarded from bird droppings.
  • The rocker panels are insulated to ensure it is kept away from stones and sand kicked by the tires.

Hexis PPF is a tough layer of protection, with anti-water spotting properties to maintain the perfect finish for a long term.

Self-Healing Top Coat

First Time In India

0.2 mm Optically Clear Film

Protects Against Daily Hazards

7 Year Warranty

100% Scratch-Proof Technology